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Hangtown MX Sponsored by Carson City Motorsports 2022

Carson City Motorsports is the title sponsor for this year's Hangtown MX in Prairie City, Ca. Carson City Motorsports has Teamed up with The Ricky Johnson and 395 Off-Road to show our viewers all things motorsports and fun! Here is our recap of the 2022 Carson City Motorsports Hangtown Classic. We stepped up and sponsored this race for the second year. Here you will see Luke Johnson talking with some fans from Hangtown along with some great footage from the weekend. We can't forget Two of our local talent, two siblings from the Carson Valley Lux Turner and Lachlan Turner who both swept 7 of 8 motos on an amateur day. Stay tuned for more exciting content from Carson City Motorsports, Ricky Johnson, and 395 Off-Road.


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